Navy and Blush Pink Wedding Color Palette Blueprint

It is one thing to choose the perfect colors for your wedding day, and it is another thing to implement your chosen wedding color palette. Navy and pink have been a favorite wedding color pairing for quite some time, and there are many ways to incorporate the colors into your wedding day. This navy and blush pink wedding color palette blueprint will walk you through utilizing the two colors when paired with soft-toned pastels and neutrals. This will complement a wedding striving for a bright, airy, yet sophisticated and romantic feel.

Before we get into the specifics of this particular wedding color palette blueprint, let me walk you through what each part of a Pink Spruce Wedding Color Palette Blueprint represents:

Navy and Blush Pink Wedding Color Palette Blueprint

Definition of a Pink Spruce Wedding Color Palette Blueprint

Main Colors:

Main Color #1: This is THE color you knew you just had to have for your wedding day. When deciding upon colors for items within your wedding, this color should always be at the top of the list for consideration.

Main Color #2: When something within your wedding doesn’t work for your main color, this secondary primary color is the one you will turn to. For example, if the bridesmaid dress you have fallen in love with doesn’t come in your first primary color, look to have the dress ordered in main color #2.

Accent Colors:

Use these colors sparingly and only to enhance the primary colors of your wedding day. For example, you could use accent colors within a couple of the floral stems sprinkled throughout your bouquet.

Neutral Pairing Color:

Assuming that black and white will indeed find its way into every single wedding plan (I’m looking at you, invitation fonts), this neutral pairing color is for when a stark white or bold black doesn’t work, but you need something within the neutral spectrum. For example, if your venue offers different napkin color options, but you do not want the bright white or dark black and still want the napkins to blend in more than not, choose the napkin that most closely matches your neutral pairing color.

Greenery Tones:

You may be surprised to learn how many variations of greens there can be within a floral design! You will want to ensure that the green shade used in any greenery matches your color palette. For example, if the foliage is too warm or yellow-hued, it may not pair well with your chosen cooler-toned flowers and decor. Remember that this is a tone, not a shade of color. You will want to find lighter or darker shades of this tone that will compliment your overall color palette nicely.

Navy and Blush Pink Wedding Color Palette Blueprint

Ways to Use Main Wedding Color #1

  1. Groom and Groomsmen suits
  2. Reception table plates
  3. Cake table skirting

Ways to Use Main Wedding Color #2

  1. Bridesmaid dresses
  2. Cake Decor
  3. Florals
  4. Shoes

Using the Accent Colors

Use the accent colors to finish your decor, but in small doses. Different ways to use the accent colors within this wedding color palette:

  1. Add some stems to bouquets
  2. Small touches of the colors within your cake design
  3. Stationery enclosure cards
  4. Linen choices as needed

Neutral Pairing Color

This color palette features a lot of soft-toned pastels with a significant focus on whites. When you want something to differentiate one white item from the next, use this neutral pairing color—for example, pair florals in this neutral color with your white florals.

Greenery Tones

Try to keep the greenery chosen throughout your decor as some variation of sage when following this color scheme blueprint. Cooler-toned greenery could clash with the warmer tones already being used, but if the foliage is too bright or yellow-hued, it may conflict with the soft, ethereal tones of the rest of the palette.

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