What is a Twilight Session with Pink Spruce Photography

Something couples can choose to add-on to their wedding day with Pink Spruce Photography is a twilight session. After doing research regarding the best lighting for photography, you have probably heard of the golden hour. A twilight session happens just after that. Twilight photos happen after the sun goes down. I want the sky to be as black as night when it comes time to do your twilight photos.

Capturing photos in the black of the night sky involves the use of special lighting equipment. It also requires the know-how to manipulate that light. I especially love to play with colors to paint on that dark sky.

Imagine this: you are dancing and having celebratory beverages with your friends as your wedding day comes to an end. You then see me, and I whisk you and your new husband or wife away for five minutes. Yes, I promise to take just five minutes of your time. I have a spot all set up and ready to go. You then walk away with images like this from your wedding day:

If a twilight session is something you are interested in adding to your wedding day with Pink Spruce Photography, I will work with you to plan your timeline to accommodate photos after the stars come out.

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