What is a Twilight Session with Pink Spruce Photography

What is a Twilight Session with Pink Spruce Photography

Something couples can choose to add-on to their wedding day with Pink Spruce Photography is a twilight session. After doing research regarding the best lighting for photography, you have probably heard of the golden hour. A twilight session happens just after that. Twilight photos happen after the sun goes down. I want the sky to be as black as night when it comes time to do your twilight photos.

Capturing photos in the black of the night sky involves the use of special lighting equipment. It also requires the know-how to manipulate that light. I especially love to play with colors to paint on that dark sky.

Imagine this: you are dancing and having celebratory beverages with your friends as your wedding day comes to an end. You then see me, and I whisk you and your new husband or wife away for five minutes. Yes, I promise to take just five minutes of your time. I have a spot all set up and ready to go. You then walk away with images like this from your wedding day:

If a twilight session is something you are interested in adding to your wedding day with Pink Spruce Photography, I will work with you to plan your timeline to accommodate photos after the stars come out.

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Hi!  I'm Jen and I am honored you have taken the time to get to know me, and my family, a little bit better.  In addition to being a destination wedding photographer, I am the mom to a spunky little boy.  We adopted him when he was born and he is the light of our lives.  We currently live on a 34 acre farm in La Farge, Wisconsin, the heart of the Driftless Region.  In our spare time, we enjoy traveling as a family, caring for our small flock of chickens, tending to the garden, cooking, hiking, and crafting.  Every year we enjoy having our family photos taken on our property - we truly know how important it is to capture (and savor) each and every moment, milestone, and memory.

I will provide you with a gallery from your wedding day that elicits joy, that recreates feelings from memories, and provides romantic nostalgia when seeing the photos for the first time and every time thereafter.  You will receive photos that show true emotions as well as traditional styling and I will create everything without forced poses or cheesy smiles.

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Pink Spruce would love to capture your engagement and wedding day! We travel for weddings throughout Wisconsin, along with parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois with no added fees. Special destination wedding rates are available. Visit the homepage or contact Jen for more on booking Pink Spruce for your big day!

To learn more about the photographer Jen herself, make sure to visit the "Get to Know Jen" page! Don't forget to browse other wedding galleries and read Jen's best wedding day tips on the Pink Spruce Blog. If you would like to see where some of Jen's work has been published, head on over to the Features Page.

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I truly want to get to know the two of you.  You are not just a name or a date on my calendar.  The following form will help us to begin to develop the most wonderful relationship, one that will help me capture my new friends just as they had envisioned on their wedding day!