Vintage Grain Bin Ceremony with a Pabst Blue Ribbon Wedding Theme

Historic Grain Bin Wedding with a Pabst Blue Ribbon Twist · Merrimac, Wisconsin

Outdoor Vintage Grain Bin with a Pabst Blue Ribbon Wedding Theme in Merrimac, Wisconsin

I met Tasha and Jake about a year ago when they answered my model call for apple blossom sessions on the farm. They started telling me about their dreams for the wedding day to be held on their friend’s property in front of a historic grain bin foundation. They went on to tell me how they met at a local softball field (softball still being a very big part of their lives), their love for all things vintage and antique, as well as being super Pabst Blue Ribbon fans (with an entire room in their home dedicated to the brew). I knew right then and there I had to be a part of this wedding day! This outdoor event, in front of a historic grain bin foundation, ending with a Pabst Blue Ribbon wedding theme twist is definitely one for the (softball) record books!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the couple incorporated so many personal touches throughout the day. They really made the wedding day theirs. Not only did Tasha craft all of the flowers herself, along with Jake changing into his (now infamous) Pabst Blue Ribbon suit for the reception, they also had a really unique unity ceremony. The couple had the officiant capture a Polaroid picture of them mid-ceremony which they then locked into a box along with personal notes. Tasha and Jake plan to open it each year, on their anniversary, adding in new photos as their family continues to grow.

PS – Jake crafted the “Kluender” sign that was a focal point of the ceremony locale (as well as their ring box). I have already requested an order for a sign here on Cassell Hollow Farm, but don’t you all agree he should get a little side gig started?


As of 6/9/2019: Please enjoy these sneak peek images from Tasha and Jake’s wedding. Held on June 8th, 2019 at The Old Schoolhouse in Merrimac, Wisconsin.

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Ceremony Venue – Private Residence
Reception Venue – The Old Schoolhouse in Merrimac, Wisconsin
Floral – DIY
Cake and Caterer – Tammy Brandt with Sissy Cafe
Rings – Thompson Jeweler
DJ – Heather Farber
Hair – Lacey Crawford with Trends Salon
Transportation – Nieves Party Bus
Bridal Gown Store – Brides N Belles

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